Dome Tent With Porch: 7 Best Including Inflatable And One With 3 Rooms

Outdoor activities like camping or hiking are some of the things that are best done with your special someone, family, kids or your friends. These activities would be more enjoyable when you use a dome tent with porch. This type of tent can give you protection not only while you sleep but also when you are doing other things like drinking coffee or while eating at any time of the day and much more (like in a party, sports event or festival). This kind of tent can let you enjoy the views of the outdoors while still being protected from the harsh outdoor elements like bugs, the sun or the rain. So if you are really into the outdoors, having a tent like this is an investment.





Nemo Equipment Morpho

2 Person

6.1 pounds

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant

12 Person

61 pounds


Wenzel Klondike

8 Person

29 pounds

Coleman WeatherMaster

6 Person

32 pounds

Coleman Evanston

4 Person

16.1 pounds

Coleman Steel Creek

6 Person

19.01 pounds

Coleman Evanston

6-8 Person

20.9-26.38 pounds

There are several factors to consider in getting a tent. Thus, we have compiled some the best tents together with their best features to help you decide which one suits you. Below are seven of some of the best dome tents in the market today, in no particular order.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

This dome tent model from Coleman is a tent that you can easily set up. It only takes five minutes to put this up even for a first-timer. It is very roomy and spacious that even a guy as tall as 5’11 can stand straight inside the dome. You can use a double air mattress and some cots inside to fit 6 to 8 people and still have some space for other things. It has four large windows to maximize ventilation and for a better view of the outdoors from the inside of the tent.

Coleman Evanston

The Coleman Evanston comes in two different sizes. The Evanston 6 tent fits six people while the Evanston 8 tent fits up to eight people. Even the front porch is also roomy. You can fit two to three backpacking chairs in the porch and probably a small table too. The porch has a bug netting protection which is very helpful in areas where there are plenty of annoying bugs and insects. In areas where there are lots of bugs, the screen protection will make it more convenient when you are cooking or eating.

This dome tent also has a rain tarp to protect you from the rain during the rainy season or from extreme heat from the sun during summer. Its color does not make the inside of the tent dark. Even when the rain tarp is set up, the inside of the tent is still bright. It is made up of polyester material which is very sturdy. This tent has a footprint size of 15 by 12 feet with a center height of 72 inches.

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome

This Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person tent is also a dome tent with porch. It is made from Polyguard fabric, which is a very durable material. This dome tent is very big and can accommodate six persons. It has a very wide surface space of 10 x 14 x 5’8”. The screened room can be a lounging area or porch during the day and can be an extra sleeping area at night. The screened room can give you full protection from mosquitos, bugs, and other outdoor elements.

Coleman Steel Creek

This dome tent has four clear windows, two doors, a rainfly for extra weather protection and some storage pockets. This tent is easily set up and can be easily packed away into a bag, so you can store it until your next camping or hiking trip. It also has illumiline reflective guylines for low-light or night visibility. The tent has a fast-pitch system that lets you set up the tent quickly with its pre-attached poles and fast setting feet.

This Coleman tent’s exclusive WeatherTec technology enhances protection from heavy rains and storms through its inverted seams and welded floors. This technology guarantees to keep you dry. The tent’s strong frame is tested to resist 35 mph winds or even higher. This tent can really withstand bad weather conditions. It also has window awnings so that you can still keep your windows open for ventilation even when it is raining.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike is a dome tent that is great for camping or hiking with friends or family. It is very spacious and cozy, with a measurement of 16 x 11 feet. Five persons can sleep in this dome tent, with additional space for three more in its 60-square foot-screen room. The head room is also spacious as one can stand straight up to 6.5 feet tall. Aside from being an additional sleeping room, the porch’s screened room can also be used as a picnic room, gear room or a sun shade, where you can relax while enjoying the outdoor view.

Dome tent with porch

This tent has a mesh roof and a couple of mesh windows so you can be protected from bugs while still getting the breeze and being able to stargaze at night. It also has a rear mesh vent to create ground breeze. It is weather-repellent. Its polyester material, which is coated with polyurethane, makes it water-resistant from top to bottom. The tent's lap-felled seams are double-stitched all throughout its body, giving it a shingle-type protection against water. Every thread and zipper also has excellent water-repellant properties. Thus, you will be dry all throughout your stay in the tent.

The Wenzel tent’s frame is also made up of fiberglass frame with Power Corners, which intensify the tent’s stability in strong winds. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, this screened tent includes a couple of hanging pockets for easier accessibility of those things you require easy access to, as well as a storage duffel bag. The tent features a T-style door and cross-style windows. This Wenzel dome tent also comes with a 10-year warranty. You can choose from their two different colors of gray and taupe.

2 Room Tent With Screened Porch

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Tent is perfect for family campings or excursions. It comfortably sleeps six people inside with its massive size of 17’x9’ and a center height of 6’10”. It is very spacious that you could fit two queen-sized airbeds inside. It even has an additional screened, floorless room to give extra ventilation during hot days. This area is best for meals and gatherings and can also be used as a protected storage place, rain or shine. Coleman’s Comfort System allows airflow control through its adjustable Variflo ventilation. This includes the vented Cool-Air Port, vent window for privacy and its mesh ceiling.

Coleman WeatherMaster

Furthermore, setting up the Coleman WeatherMaster tent is very quick and easy. It has continuous pole sleeves and color-coded poles, fiberglass poles that are shock-corded, pin-and-ring design and InstaClip pole attachments. The instructions that are provided are very easy to follow. They are already sewn in the carry bag itself so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the directions. It also has a very convenient access to an electrical port, so it lets the user run a cable from a gadget inside the tent to a power source outside. The hinged door lets you enter and exit the tent easily.

Coleman’s WeatherTec System includes a selection of features that work together to keep the weather outside the dome tent all the time. These features are the following: seams that are leak-free, fabric that is weather-resistant (protects from cold and heat), shielded seams, floor that is waterproof, secured zipper, and wind-resistant frame. The door awning and its angled window allow you to keep them open even when it is raining so that you can get better air circulation. This Coleman screened tent comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3 Room Tent With Screened Porch

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

The Ozark Trail 3-Room Cabin is a very large tent that 12 people can be accommodated and sleep comfortably inside (it is basically a portable villa). Three rooms can be set up using a couple of room dividers, which are already included. It can fit three queen-sized airbeds. This dome tent with porch is very easy to set up. It actually does not require assembly since the poles are already pre-attached to the tent. You only need to unfold the tent and then extend it. It can actually be assembled in less than two minutes!

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant

This Ozark Trail tent is very stylish with its very innovative Y-shaped design. The tent’s very stylish design lets you set 3 rooms inside the tent, with every room having its own door to easily access the outdoors. It has a total of 10 large closable windows so you could get the panoramic views of the outdoors. It also has a total of six pockets to keep your gears or things organized. The removable room divider can let you use the screened are as a bedroom or a bug-free porch. This giant tent measures 20’ x 18’, with a center height of 76”.

The framing system of this cabin tent with screen room consists of fiberglass ridge and upright materials made of steel, making it a wind-resistant and weather-tight dome tent. It is well ventilated because of the large mesh windows and the mesh roof, giving you a wonderful view of the outdoors. There are also guylines you can use for very windy conditions to keep the cabin tent in place.

4 Man Dome Tent With Porch

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch

The Coleman 4-Person Evanston tent comfortably fits four persons. Just like the other Coleman tents, it also features the WeatherTec System. This tent also has the patented inverted seams and welded floors to keep water out. Thus, it will really keep you dry during the rainy days. It also has a rainfly for rain or sun protection and a mesh roof to get more sunlight. This Coleman tent also has the Insta-Clip pole attachments that are very sturdy and can resist strong winds.

Coleman 4-Person Evanston

The Coleman 4P Evanston tent has an electrical port or an E-port so that you can get power or other technology from the outside of the tent. The porch screen room is best for keeping your gear and is an advantage when you are in an area with lots of bugs and insects. You can be inside the screened porch canopy but you will still be able to enjoy the view of the outdoors. The Coleman 4-Person Evanston tent includes pegs and guylines to help protect the tent from strong winds on windy days.

The Coleman 4-Person Evanston tent’s fabric is made from polyester material and is very durable. Its snag-free and continuous pole sleeves are huge factors for its very easy setup. This tent has a size of 9’ x 7’ and is 5’ in height. It is very affordable and very sturdy for its price. With its space, you can fit one queen-size airbed inside this tent.

Inflatable Tent With Porch

Nemo Equipment Morpho 2-Person Air Supported Tent

The Nemo Morpho 2-Person is best for backpacking or for those couples who like to go camping in the outdoors. This tent is different from the other tents reviewed in this article because this one works through the Nemo AirSupported Technology, which uses a low-pressure, inflatable tubes system. Thus, it is very easy to set up. The AirSupported Technology is Nemo’s idea of inflatable structures to be used for lightweight shelters.

Nemo Morpho 2-Person

Aside from allowing an extremely easy setup, this technology provides the tent greater strength and protection against the strong winds during rainy or windy days. This provides the tent the ability to bend, and you do not have to worry about it breaking even when there is a very strong gust of wind. It is also very easy to repair in the field in case there is a need to. The Nemo AirSupported Technology makes the tent more capable of enduring very harsh weather conditions, including changes in temperature. This tent can surely give you a stable shelter in different weather conditions.

The Nemo Morpho 2- Person tent offers a dry space for those muddy boots in its Boot Cut section. It has the new OSMO material for its fabric, a more lightweight mesh and with new vents that are built into the main zipper tent flaps. Its ExoFly vestibule is retractable. It provides additional storage space or can just be a mini front porch or lounge area. This Nemo Morpho tent uses very lightweight pumps, which give an excellent alternative to the traditional or basic poles.

The Nemo Morpho tent can be packed into very small and even irregularly shaped spaces as compared to the traditional poled tents, which could be really bulky. This is because there are no rigid materials with the Nemo Morpho tent. There are no steel or metallic materials with this tent. This means that this Nemo tent can be packed in a very small bag like those used in a kayak, bike, or motorcycle.

These dome tents have screened rooms that can either be an additional sleeping space or just a porch where you can enjoy the outdoor view from while still being protected from bugs and insects. All the tents reviewed here can provide you with a spacious sleeping area, especially those large ones. You will just have to choose the one that you require based on the number of persons you will be camping with. You must check the tent’s sleeping capacity. If you are backpacking alone or maybe camping only with your special someone, then the best choice would be the 2-person tent like the Nemo Morpho 2-Person Air Supported tent. You can choose it since you will only need space for one to two people. The other tents are good for a larger number of campers.

Let's go camping

Aside from the tent’s sleeping capacity, also consider the territory and terrain you will be using it (forests, mountains, fields or other). Do not forget the head space of the tent! If you are very tall or if you are going camping with someone who is really tall, make sure you get the tent with a lot of head space. You can get one of the Coleman tents or the Wenzel one. Also, if you will be camping with a large group, think about whether you or the other campers might be requiring some privacy. If so, get the one with the removable room dividers, like the Ozark Trail 3-Room tent.

The brands we have covered in this article are easily set up. However, if you need more information about them, you could search for some videos on YouTube. There are YouTube videos from several actual users of these tents themselves. They describe how the setup is done and give other feedback about the tents as well. This will give you a better picture of how these tents really look like when they are already set up and being used.

So go ahead and make the choice based on what you need for your camping. You can buy one from specialized pro shops, Amazon or Ebay (P.S. if you are in no hurry wait for the sale). Once you already have the tent, read through the instructions and set it up. Happy camping! Enjoy the outdoors and have an amazing star-gazing experience inside your dome tent with porch!

P.S. Take a look at our guide on how to put up your dome tent!