Best Dome Tents: Top 7 Including Instant, Festival & For High Wind

In the past, people used to prefer separate tents rather than cabin tents because they were pretty bulky to carry around and highly uncomfortable. However, today, tents have been entirely revolutionized to provide people with a pleasant environment, relaxation, and great enjoyment. Nowadays, group camping has become very popular among families and friends. As a result, there is an increase in the demand of large dome tents, especially during the holidays. If you're looking for tents that can accommodate your family or friends, then here are some of the best dome tents that you should surely should take a look at.





MSR Hubba Hubba NX

2 Persons

3.8 pounds


Sierra Designs Lightning

2 Persons

3.3 pounds


TETON Sports Mountain Ultra

1-4 Persons

4.5-9.5 pounds

FiveJoy Instant Pop Up

4 Persons

8.1 pounds

Ozark Trail 3-Room Cabin

10 persons

29.65 pounds

CORE Instant Cabin

6 Persons

22.8 pounds

Coleman Tenaya Lake

8 Persons

35.36 pounds

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

The TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent comes in different sizes according to the number of people who will be using it. The size ranges from a one-person tent to a four-person tent and offers excellent space and comfort while moving. Furthermore, it uses the pass-through ventilation technology that entirely clears away condensation.

Best Dome Tents


The size of the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra varies from tent to tent, and so does the weight. However, the features that are similar in almost every tent are the single/dual pole design that offers straightforward and effortless setup and breakdown. All tents also have considerably high walls along with an Oxford bathtub floor and mesh gear pockets for storing and quickly accessing your gear. As these are a micro mesh tents, they naturally ventilate the environment to fend off condensation and allow users to have a beautiful view. Moreover, these tents are well-built and resistant to water, offering lifetime durability.


  • Very spacious; even a one-person tent can accommodate two people comfortably.
  • Pretty comfortable and entirely ventilated.
  • Lightweight; recommended for camping as well as hiking and ideal for long backpacking trips.
  • Single/dual pole design offers easy and instant setup and breakdown.


  • It is waterproof, but may end up leaking drops of water during rainstorms.
  • The four-person tent is considerably big and packs large. It’s not a good option if you’re looking for a tent that is appropriate for backpacking.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent for 2 Persons

This tent by MSR Hubba Hubba is one of the best dome tents designed for two people. It can be moved around effortlessly as it is very lightweight. It is also incredibly simple to set up and possesses two different doors on either side so that you can easily leave or enter the tent without disturbing your partner. The pole configurations of this tent are nearly freestanding; creating an excellently spacious interior space and livability that has almost near vertical walls.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX for 2 Persons


Setting up and taking down this dome tent is incredibly straightforward as its hubs and poles are marked with different colors for identification. It is pretty roomy because of its distinctive configuration of poles that expands the elbow and headroom area inside the tent. The tent structure doesn’t let the water enter in the tent even when the door is open because of the two sizeable StayDry doors. Moreover, the doors possess two big vestibules to store gear. The flysheet of the tent along with venting porch together helps in creating a cozy, pleasant, and dry interior. The overall minimum weight of this pack is about three and a half pounds which include poles, rainfly, and tent. Moreover, the unit includes small and portable compression sack, permitting it to fit effortlessly inside a backpack.


  • Easy to set up because of its color-coded poles and nearly freestanding pole configuration.
  • The rectangular and non-tapered floor gives this tent a sturdy and thick flooring.
  • Dual doors allow campers to enter and exit the tent without disturbing their camp mates.


  • Packing it might be difficult as the poles alone are a bit bulky.
  • Rainfly is pretty light in color, which allows a lot of light to enter the tent during moonlit nights.
  • Only lightweight if two people share one backpacker, but cumbersome if used by an individual.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent

If you're out camping with a large group of people and are looking for great comfort and an excellent view, the Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent is the right option for you. This tent is not only spacious enough to accommodate ten individuals at once, but it's also pretty airy and allows users to have a perfect view of outer areas from its numerous windows. This tent is ideal for families and makes camping holidays a pleasant experience to remember.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin


This massive cabin is so capacious that it can accommodate up to three queen-sized inflatable beds separately inside three separate rooms. You can make rooms by partitioning the area with the help of room dividers. Each room of this massive tent has the capacity of accommodating three to four people at once, making adequate space for about ten people. This 20" x 10" cabin tent is unique as it allows people to enjoy the comfort of home inside the tent and experience all the outdoor camping adventures. Apart from that, this family cabin offers full privacy as it possesses three separate doors; people in different rooms can always use the side doors rather than approaching the central door by crossing the entire area.


  • Sturdy rainfly and seams help block the dribbling of water inside the tent during downpours.
  • Provides excellent ventilation as it has three doors and about six windows.
  • Easy to assemble and set up.
  • The six feet height lets people with a tall stature move and stand around the tent easily.


  • The unit is only water resistant and not waterproof, so the tent might get a bit damaged from outside during a downpour.
  • The tent is sturdy, but the dividers aren’t as well-built.
  • The corners don’t have much space because of the slopes at the ends of the tent.

Coleman 8-Person Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

If you're looking for a large tent that can occupy up to eight people and offers a quick setup, then Coleman's 8-Person Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent is the best option for you. This dome tent is designed to provide users with a luxurious car camping experience as it is immensely spacious and contains a built-in closet as well.

Coleman 8-Person Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin


This cabin tent is about 6'4" tall from the center, which means that it has enough room for an average-height person to walk freely inside. Moreover, it has color-coordinated poles that let the users put together all of the parts easily and quickly. What makes it more unique is a decent built-in closet along with a hanger bar, which allows people to store their possessions and hang their clothing items rather than search their backpacks again and again. Also, it uses the WeatherTec system, which means it has welded seams and attached floors that are inverted to keep water away from the tent.


  • Setting up this tent is extremely easy due to color-coded poles.
  • Eliminates tripping hazard as it possesses Illumiline reflective guy lines that provide greater visibility.
  • Enough space for eight people to comfortably spend their time inside the camp.
  • A moderately-sized closet that reduces the hassle of finding belongings inside the suitcase.


  • Color coding is done through tapes on the poles, which can dry out and fall from their place.
  • Due to the extra features and size, this tent is a bit heavy and not recommended for hiking or backpacking.

Choosing the Right Instant Dome Tents

If you haven't gone camping before, it might be hard for you to pick a tent for the very first time. Here is a concise review of one of the greatest instant dome tent that is perfect for beginners.

The CORE 6-Person Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin

As it is an instant tent, it can be set up and disperse within a couple of seconds. This instantaneous cabin tent only takes a maximum of one minute to create the entire structure or break it down, offering utmost convenience and ease to users. Moreover, the tents poles are already attached to one another, which means users just need to enclose it and position the layout.


This incredible instant cabin tent comprises of an excellent technology, the Core H20 Block. This technology is a great mixture of rain-resistant seals and water-resistant fabric, making it a suitable choice for the rainy days. Moreover, the rainfly is detachable; it can easily be removed during the warmer weather conditions for having a ventilated tent environment. This six-person tent also has a lantern hook, gear loft, and wall pocket. The tent also comes with an electric cord access port, so you don't need to run a cluttered of wires across the tent. Also, it's incredibly spacious and can accommodate up to two queen-sized mattresses.


  • Excellent for six individuals.
  • Provides immediate setup and breakdown, making it one of the best instant dome tents.
  • Includes a gear loft, power port, lantern hook, wall pocket, and other features.


  • Pre-joined tent poles are less sturdy and stable as compared to the tents that have detached poles.

The Best Dome Tent For High Wind

If you're looking for a dome tent for high wind that has a top-notch quality and provides value for money, there are quite a few tents that can offer you such traits. Camping is a pleasant but rough activity, which is why it requires a highly reliable and extremely sturdy tent that provides the ultimate comfort as well as excellent views and adequate ventilation. Here is a review of Sierra Designs Lightning, an amazingly wonderful dome tent for high wind that offers all the qualities mentioned above.

Sierra Designs Lightning

Sierra Designs Lightning

The Sierra Designs Lightning is a stylish tent that not only is good-looking but has a sturdy built too. It is available in warm colors that soothe the eye and comes with tons of features. Moreover, it possesses the right height and gear storage space and is still pretty spacious for campers to fit in comfortably. Here are some of its qualities that make this tent outstanding.


It is a freestanding tent, so it can be set up anywhere, even on solid surfaces. It has a height of 42.5 inches, providing a livable space to the campers. Moreover, the unit has an asymmetrical design and hybrid wall canopy that helps to reduce its weight. It also possesses a large single drop door that further helps diminish bulkiness. It is an incredibly lightweight unit, but it is pretty large and extra wide so that at least two people can fit in easily side by side. Apart from that, it has an integrated fly and tent body along with a hub-pole pitch that allows the cabin to dry quickly after rains.


  • Bright and spacious interior for two people.
  • Sufficient storage pockets on the sides for keeping the gear.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Internal condensation might occur.

Finding the Right Dome Tent For Festival

Pop-up tents are perfect for camping as they are lightweight, easy to set up, and highly portable. Most tents have a bulky design that makes them look stylish yet difficult to carry around, making the entire camping journey cumbersome. Surely, when you go outdoor camping, you need more energy to enjoy the nature around you rather than getting tired by carrying a heavy backpack. That is why it is recommended for people to get a pop-up tent that is not only lightweight but an absolutely suitable dome tent for festival.

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop-Up Dome Tent

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up

This impressive pop-up tent by FiveJoy offers easy setup and rollup, which is a much-needed feature when you go camping to different places in one journey. Moreover, it is lightweight, which makes it incredibly easy to carry around while walking on rocky surfaces and is highly transportable. The tent is also pretty spacious and can accommodate up to four people at once.


This unique 4-person tent just takes a few seconds to set up. As it is a pop-up tent, you just have to open the folding of the tent, and it will pitch up under a minute. Moreover, it has plenty of room that up to four people can fit in it comfortably along with their gear. It also has double doors that provide additional protection and ease of entrance and exit. It also possesses mesh windows that offer proper ventilation along with the perfect outside view. The entire tent is made of waterproof materials and doesn't absorb water.


  • Lightweight and can be carried easily on long journeys.
  • Easily packable in a backpack.
  • Easy to set up and roll up.
  • Plenty of interior space for up to 4 people as well as storage.


  • The material is waterproof, but the tent is not suitable for severe rainy conditions as there is a possibility of leakage.

Dome Tent vs Tunnel Tent

Getting to know the distinctions between various types of tents is vital, whether you're a pro camper, a hiker, or just starting out in this adventurous world. This is so because not every tent is suitable for your camping needs. For instance, if you want a spacious tent that can accommodate a large number of people, you better go for a cabin tent rather than a conventional one. Nowadays, the most preferred tents are dome and tunnel tents. Here is a brief dome tent vs. tunnel tent for the people who have a hard time picking the right tent for their journey.

Tunnel tent

Dome Tents

Dome tents are extremely spacious tents that have a domed-shape roof that offers ample headroom for people. It has pliable poles that cross over the top-middle of the tent, making the dome structure. This tent is excellent for windy conditions as it is very sturdy and highly reliable as compared to a pop-up tent. These types of tents are also easy to set up and roll up, saving campers time so that they can have the best camping experience.

Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are the most popular type amongst families and are considerably taller than dome tents. The poles of such tent are arched over rather than crossed over, making a perfect tunnel shape. However, these camping tents always need to be pegged down as they are not freestanding like dome tents.

Advantages of a Dome Tent

Nowadays, almost all campers prefer dome tents rather than any other type. The reason behind this is pretty simple: ample space and ultimate comfort. Undoubtedly, due to heaps of useful features, dome tents have now taken over the market. If you go to any campsite in your country right now, you'll notice that there is a vast majority of dome tents. It isn't only about capaciousness and comfort; there are various other advantages of a dome tent.


Dome tents are incredibly easy to set up and disassemble. It takes only a minute or two to pitch up the entire tent. Moreover, packing the unit after taking down the components is pretty easy and quick. One of the most significant advantages of a dome tent is that it provides campers with a great amount of headroom, which is hard to find in traditional A-frame tents.

Another great thing is that dome tents are very lightweight as compared to frame tents. They are also easily portable because of foldable seams and other practical features. Most dome tents come with storage pockets, but even if they don't have pockets, the corners of a dome tent give an excellent space for storing clothes and gears. Dome tents are also perfect for serious weather conditions. They can resist winds and provide a decent shelter during rainy days.

Who doesn't love camping outdoors? After all, no other activity can provide you with a more serene and peaceful environment while bringing you closer to nature. Camping is undoubtedly a fun activity, but it becomes even more fun when it is done with the people you love. This guide reviewed the best dome tents on the market and we hope that it will help you too choose one that suits your needs!

P.S. Do you know how to put up a dome tent? We prepared a guide to help you out!