4 Essential Steps to Selecting a Dome Tent

If you are fond of hiking, you must have some knowledge about tents. In fact, even if you haven’t been to any hiking event, you already know what tent is and why they are used. Technically it is a shelter, used by single or multiple people, depending on the requirements and the place they are staying.

There are a variety of styles of tents and domes have become more popular recently. Well, the obvious reason behind this kind of turnaround has been the cost. But if you really try to get to know about dome tents, you will see that, apart from being less costly, they are very easy to handle and does not really weight that much. Mostly people use dome tents for the portability and also for the shorter trips. You can use these tents in any kind of weather condition. But you need to choose the proper dome tent depending on where you are going and what kind of weather you will have to face. Choosing the right tent might seem a bit difficult but if you can narrow it down with some sort of filter, it will be a lot easier for you.

Dome tents for Camping

People around the world enjoy outdoor camping and dome tents are particularly made for camping. These dome tents are made with comfortable fabric and also the space you get inside is good enough. The dome tents can be easily packed in the car and can be set up easily compared to the other kind of tents.

Dome tents

These dome tents have wall pockets to help you with the storage, system to hang lanterns and many more. They may even have separate rooms for storage and beds. Thus, these tents turn out to be more comfortable, enjoyable and great for outdoor camping or backpacking trips.

The poles used in dome tents are mainly made of fiberglass so you can replace them if they are damaged. Being made of fiberglass, these poles are good enough to withstand the windy conditions. But if you need something stronger you need to choose an aluminum pole instead of the fiberglass ones.

1. Use of the tent

Whenever you are buying a dome tent, it is necessary to understand the use of it. Depending on the condition and the use, the type of tent will differ. Not only the use but the size of the tent also matters. You need to understand the size of the dome tent you need. If you are going camping with family or friends, you might choose a bigger tent. Tent sizes are classified by how many people can sleep in it (e.g. 1 person tent, 2 person tent, 4 person tent and so on). It is always advisable to pick a dome tent that is a little bit bigger than you need, because you can use the extra room for storing your gear or other goods and make your sleeping more comfortable (for storing your gear you can search for one with screen porch).

Use of it

If you choose a large dome tent, it will have more space and it will be easier for you to move around the tent but it can be a little bit heavier and also might not fit properly in your car carrier. Also, if you need multiple people to stay in one tent, it is better that you buy a large tent rather than multiple small ones. And if you are camping or backpacking alone you can look for a smaller, portable and lightweight tent. The same applies if you are participating in a sporting event (extra weight can have huge impact on your overall performance).

So, every type and size of the tent have its good and bad features and you will need to compare that to choose the right equipment for you.

2. Location of the camp and weather condition


All types of tents are not suitable for every kind of weather condition. Tents are classified by seasons: 3 season tents or 4 season tents. First ones are better for backcountry and warmer climates and the second ones are better for chilly, winter weather. You need to judge the location and its climate perfectly. If it’s really a rough place and windy, a bigger tent will be great as it will be stronger. But some of the bigger tents might not suit for the wilderness, mountain trail or alpine conditions. In that case, you will need to choose a tent that suits your needs. So, before you go for a backpacking or camping trip, make sure to understand your outdoors well and choose dome tent wisely.

3. Your Budget

The range of domes is really vast and if you are willing to spend money you can get the best out of it. But with the different types of the tents, the price range also differs.

Your budget

In case you are going in a place where the weather is warm, you can get a dome tent that will not cost that much. But in case the weather conditions are windy, you may need to go for a bigger tent that will surely cost you more. But obviously, you will get what you will pay for. The material, craftsmanship and fabric are just the right things that you can expect. The material used is a very important factor and it makes the difference of the price as well. Apart from the material, the comfort factor of the tent also defines the cost of it.

But remember one thing: costly tents might not suit your weather condition just because they are costly. Even if you do have a budget issue, you will need to make sure that you buy the right dome tent for you or your family. Extra tip: if you are in no hurry, you can wait for a sale or other deals or even buy a tent in winter when the prices are cheaper.

4. Tent Material

Normally the outer shell of the dome tent is made of polyester or nylon. Polyester is a great quality material which does not really absorb the moisture, nor is expensive, whereas the nylon is not very good at absorbing moisture or UV rays. Due to this reason, all of the canvas used these days tend to have a coat of PVC to make sure of the best performance.


Actually, it does not matter what kind of fly you have in your dome tent. These days with the advancement of technology, a new type of flys are in the market and they do not really lag behind much compared to these two canvas. You should go for the branded product that will surely guarantee you quality and proper value for the price that you pay. Some official brands that are worth looking at are Coleman, Eureka, Cabela, Ozark, Tentco and others.

The fabric used for the floor is made out of a material that is heavy in nature and has waterproof capabilities. The manufacturers make sure that water does not get through the material and you stay in a home like comfort. Normally polyesters are used with an additional coating of PVC. If you buy a dome tent that is light in weight, you will see the silicone based polymer or maybe something that is more compact and less expensive as well. But with the price going down, the quality goes down as well and so you will get a less durable floor fabric that is not at all what you should desire while you are on a trip.

Tips that you should consider

  • If you are looking for a camping tent that is easy to pitch, the perfect solution for you would be to choose an instant tent. You can set it up in a minute or two. The only disadvantage is that they are a little bit less durable.
  • You need to read the manual book thoroughly. It is necessary to follow the instructions and hence the manual book is important.
  • It is not really necessary but you must try to face the rear end of your dome tent towards the direction from which the wind is blowing.
  • Don’t pitch your tent beneath a tree. Branches might fall at night on your rooftop and that might not be a good thing for your tent. Also, the bird droppings may cause a bit of problem for your tent as well.
  • Make sure to pull the velcro till the frame. It will ensure that the guy rope will pull the frame not only the fly. This will help in holding the frame of your tent when you peg out your tents guy ropes.
  • Remember to peg out your guy ropes that will help you in stabilizing your dome tent. It will also prevent the tent from getting damaged.
  • Always hit the pegs at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Always try to keep your tent dry. If it rains at night, you need to first dry it and then pack it, otherwise, the water will rot it from the inside and you will not be able to use it the next time.
  • Remember to pack the tent every time after use. Do not expose it to the sunlight without any reason as the absorption of UV rays will make the lifespan of your tent shorter.
  • If you want a cool atmosphere inside the dome tent, do not close your windows, open those during the day time and it will stay as cool as it should be.
  • When you are pushing the poles out of your pole sleeves, make sure to bend them a little. This will make it easier for you to pull the poles out and in the sleeves pretty easily.

There are a selection of products and suppliers on the market. Buying the right dome tent might look like a hard work, but if you will follow this guide you will be able to do it more efficiently. Think about your location, needs and weather conditions. Only then you will be able to choose the perfect tent that will suit all of your needs. Now you can go to a specialized pro shop, Amazon or Ebay and shop with confidence.

From now on experience the best outdoor camping trips with your new dome tent!